Low Maintenance Landscaping Bushes


One of the biggest concerns when it comes to landscaping is that shrubs will become too large and even outgrow the space in which they’re planted. While this is a genuine concern with some plants, there are plenty of options that will stay small, require little maintenance, and provide years of curb appeal and beauty to your landscaping. Here are some low maintenance landscaping bushes to consider.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Bushes

Franklin’s Gem Boxwood

Boxwood is the champions of evergreen. The shrubs are resistant to insects and diseases, low maintenance, provide year-round color, and grow in several different shapes and sizes. Franklin’s Gem Boxwood is low-growing and when pruned can add a formal, sophisticated look to any landscape.

Magic Carpet Spirea

Low Maintenance Landscaping Bushes

Magic carpet spirea is a great choice to add curb appeal to your home. It starts off as red in color then matures to a vibrant gold color. They can add a pop of color to your yard. While the beautiful foliage is reason enough to plant it in your yard, you can expect an added bonus of pink flowers in the late spring.

Dwarf Norway Spruce

As the name suggests, they don’t get too big and grow in nice round shape. They can work well as an accent piece in the front of your flower bed. They’re sturdy and great if you’re looking for something that will provide year-round evergreen color and interest.

Pink Elf French Hydrangea

This low-growing hydrangea is an excellent choice for adding color to dark places with shade. Its compact size ensures a nice and neat appearance. The pink colored blooms are beautiful and long-lasting. Because of their compact size, this type of hydrangea requires less pruning and maintenance than any other hydrangea. It’s also great for use as cut flowers.

Midnight Wine Weigela

This landscaping favorite provides season-long interest, is low-growing and very hardy. Its rich foliage is beautiful on its own but the real spectacle comes when beautiful pink flowers appear, Tornado Cash website contrasting perfectly against the dark foliage. It’s also an excellent low-maintenance option as it requires very little if any pruning.

My Monet Weigela

This is one of the most attractive landscaping plants. Its characteristic tricolor foliage of pink, white and green are sure to impress, and when it’s pink blooms appear in late spring, it’s an amazing sight.

Emerald ‘N Gold Euonymus

This shrub has a reputation for really popping out against black mulch and creating striking curb appeal. For maximum gold coloring, use them in areas with partial to full sun. They also feature a nice tidy appearance. So if you have a backyard with a fire pit, add this to the outskirts to make it look more appealing.

Fox Red Curly Sedge

This one is unique as some people love it’s one of a kind look, while others think it looks dead. If you’re a fan of its look, this plant is an ideal choice for times when you’re looking for something outside the box. This plant is especially attractive in stone beds.

Bottom Line

These low maintenance landscaping bushes can really transform your yard. You can have a beautiful yard without spending your entire weekend taking care of it.


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